Client: Private
Location: Aspen, Colorado
Project Status: Scheduled or Completion 2017

Located at the corner of Hunter and Hyman Streets, Connect One Design worked with Zone 4 Architects and Sopris Engineering to redesign the aging pedestrian-street interface with the proposed building renovation. As one of only a small number of remaining non-ada compliant Aspen core sidewalks, the team worked with the City Engineering department to completely redesign the sidewalk-street intersection to include bulbouts and ramps that met the necessary code requirements. Aside from the traffic calming attributes associated with the bulb-outs they also have the capability of becoming stormwater rain gardens in the future. Other stormwater management facilities include an infiltration basin under a proposed café deck system and a custom made rain garden planter that will also function as a vegetated screen for a semi-private courtyard.

Design Elements

· Rain Garden
· Murals
· Raised Decking Over Bio Retention Facility


· Concept Design

Website Links

· Zone 4 Architects

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