Client: Private Residential
Location: Pitkin County, Colorado
General Contractor: Chris Trautner
Project Status: Scheduled for Completion 2017

A hanging alpine wildflower meadow meets a dense mature aspen grove in this beautiful rural residential area with a clear mountain view of Mount Hayden. The surrounding landscape served as a major contributor to the design influence for this project. We embraced the color palette of the wildflowers that surround the site naturally to inform the plant selection resulting a variety of hardy species that have the appropriate volume and height to maintain sweeping views of Mt Hayden. The client requested that we create a series of outdoor rooms connected by steps that complement the architectural spaces in order for their family to achieve maximum indoor/outdoor connectivity. An attempt to ensure that the views to Mt Hayden are uninterrupted posed a challenge as we were also expected to provide privacy from the neighboring homes across Caster Creek and the road to looking in. The result was a careful positioning and selection of plant material that grew to be tall enough to block views coming in but not those going out. Eventually, the aesthetic of the design offered a mountain contemporary aesthetic with understated hardscape pallet around the architecture to let the furnishings and plantings make the necessary ephemeral appearances throughout the year.

Design Elements

· Lounge Deck
· Hot Tub Terrace
· Fire Pit Terrace
· Multi-Use AutoCourt
· Outdoor Kitchen Terrace
· Custom Dog Run Enclosure
· Plank Paving With Spacing to be Impervious or Have Planted Joints


· Concept Design Through Construction Administration

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