Client: Private
Location: Garfield County, Colorado
Project Status: In-Progress

Connect One Design, in partnership with Gage Davis Associates, is fortunate to have been selected as one of the land planners for this ranch, a multi-use conservation project located in western Garfield County. C1D was asked to create a land plan for the development of 300 acres at the primary entrance to the approximately 60,000 acre ranch. The goal of this development is to provide a nucleus for research and recreation activities, create a revenue base to support and enhance the conservation and restoration of the land, and provide a fitting entry to what the ranch owner envisions as a model for preservation of large open spaces in the West.

The final plan was devised through extensive GIS mapping and intensive site visits to ensure that the proposed solution fit with the nature of the land. The development is nestled on the site in already disturbed areas, and near existing infrastructure. This allows more than 90% of the 300 acres to remain undisturbed and open for existing wildlife habitat, existing agricultural uses and restored meadow.  The selected design is based on the concept of a small western ranch community. Facilities are provided for the headquarters of a conservation and research institute as well as residences available for sale and lease to members and associates of the institute. Finally, the plan incorporates community facilities serving the researchers, residences, visiting scientists, and other groups recreating or taking part in research at the ranch.

Design Elements

· GIS Mapping
· Clustered Development
· Permaculture
· Restored Wetlands


· Land Planning
· Site Planning
· Entitlements
· Conceptual Landscape Architecture

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