As the old saying goes…when life tosses you a lemon, make lemonade. Well here at Connect One Design we believe you should make lemonade, add a spritzer, garnish with mint and call it a fine evening.

When the recession hit and we serendipitously found ourselves parted from our previous company, we did just that. Amidst the deepest recession in generations we used our collective thirty years of experience and created a company based on some simple principles: sustain a low overhead firm that can deliver exceptional quality at a tremendous value; always maintain clear, consistent and transparent communication between our founding owners and our clients; utilize accurate and realistic design and construction budgets from start to finish; employ the latest three dimensional design tools to communicate our designs in real time and engage you in the evolution of your project; conserve resources on every project, not because it is the right thing to do but because it is hip and cool, oh and it will save you money; and finally, have fun. Just like peanut butter without jelly, life can get stodgy every now and again and since life is too short we like to make sure the time we spend with you and each other is not short of a stomach clenching, fall off your stool happy occasion.

At Connect One we plan and design fun spaces, living spaces, public spaces and huge tracts of land that bring together and bring out the best in our human nature. Our fun spaces are those of your childhood, secret places of discovery and imagination that you will remember well into adulthood. Our public spaces are steeped like a good cup of tea in the essence of your community, reflecting who you are and who you want to be. Our living spaces are meant to be shared liberally with friends and family. They are intimate and relaxed and like fine wine they get better with time. While planning huge tracts of land can be challenging we make it easier by using the latest analysis and communication technology to create places where the large beasted animals can still roam and we can continue to enjoy them for generations to come.

Alongside some amazing clients, we have rebuilt an elementary school playground from a drainage nightmare to a fun space based on creative discovery and imagination. We have envisioned two public spaces that will be the stunning park centerpieces of both the Basalt and Battlement Mesa communities. We have completed the site design and began construction administration on the only rural bus rapid transit system in the country and created a sensitive land plan for over 60,000 acres of conservation lands in prime wildlife connectivity zones. These accomplishments along with many others too numerous to pontificate on here have quickly established Connect One Design as the go-to firm in the Roaring Fork Valley for exceptional design at a fraction of the cost. Yes you can have your jelly sandwich and eat it too. Throw in some lemonade and enjoy!

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