Client: The Farm Collaborative
Location: Cozy Point Ranch, Aspen, Colorado
Project Status: Concept Design

The Farm Collaborative, located at the gateway to Aspen, is a driving force for agriculture awareness and food security in the Roaring Fork Valley. The Farm Collaborative specializes in farmer incubation and support, and educating the public on regenerative- and permaculture-based food production, with a special emphasis on educating children.

The Farm Collaborative’s model farm incorporates their various programs into an integrated agricultural ecosystem. The complete regenerative system is maintained by connecting materials and energy use through each step of the agro-ecosystem. Connect One Design was enlisted to help layout the program elements, such as food production, animal husbandry, and operational centers, while maintaining conscious relationships with learning groups, the Farm Center main building, and an adjacent riparian ecosystem. The Farm Center Building houses top-of-the-line efficiency systems which cycle back into the landscape in the form of living septic systems, multifunctional solar systems, and reused rainwater catchment. Visitors to the Farm Collaborative are given the opportunity to experience each step of this process throughout the landscape.

Connect One’s focused designs include an ‘enchanted farm’ entrance, an outdoor classroom, free-play areas, educational gardens, rain gardens, event space, organized operational areas, wind breaks, and interconnected paths and farm lanes.

Design Elements

· Permaculture Design
· Rain Gardens
· Outdoor Classroom
· Educational Gardens
· Farm Operation Structure Siting
· Solar Photovoltaics


· Conceptual Design through Construction Administration

Website Links

· The Farm Collaborative