DBX 10

Client: Private
Location: Aspen, Colorado
General Contractor: Clearwater Construction Management
Project Status: Completed 2018

The surrounding meadow landscape was treated with the utmost respect on this 4.8-acre lot located in the highly desirable Double Bar X Ranch in Aspen. The house is designed to all but disappear into the landscape from the vantage point of any passers-by and is oriented towards the white noise of the Roaring Fork River. Connect One Design preserved privacy and achieved cohesion of land and structure through the use of an extensive vegetated roof system covering half of the project’s roofs. As the Client is an avid art collector, the landscape design was intended to both stage sculpture and be sculptural in itself. To achieve this design goal, storm water facilities were deliberately sculpted as functional land art in lieu of simple depressions, and a ‘worm berm’ was created to provide a meandering linear dance between what is man-made and what is natural. Additionally, a reflecting pool and water cascades were incorporated adjacent to the outdoor stairs to enhance the natural tranquility of the property and add a reflective dynamic.

Design Elements

· Sculpture Garden
· Sculptural Landform
· Vegetated Roofs
· Native Plantings
· Reflecting Pools
· Water Cascade
· Culinary Herb Wall


· Concept Design Through CA

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