Client: Private
Location: Aspen, Colorado
General Contractor: Clearwater Construction Management
Project Status: Completed 2016

This two-acre meadow site perched on the Maroon Creek bluff is dominated by native vegetation and incredible vistas. The project goals placed a high priority on the subtle division of generous outdoor rooms clustered close to the home, creative use of native plant material, and seamless cohesion of the home and the area’s landscape. The final design included a series of outdoor rooms with a contrast of formal and native planting schemes. The spaces are anchored by strong focal elements including a manicured lawn, a wading pool adjacent to a natural pond, terraces, and a negative edge hot tub. The entire home is enveloped by restored native vegetation, allowing a natural pond to become the central point of the property. This was also engineered to capitalize on the white noise the pond naturally produced to diminish the auditory impact of the nearby highway. With careful plant selection and placement, the home was screened from undesirable views and guests were given visual cues to draw their eye up to the house.

Design Elements

• Knife and Negative Edge Hot Tub
• Pond
• Wading Pool
• Permeable Paving Autocourt and Guest Parking


• Concept Design through CA

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