Client: Crawford Properties, LLC
Location: El Jebel, Colorado
Project Status: Study Completed

Connect One was approached to devise a face-lift for El Jebel involving a master plan for the non-residential areas and a re-imagining of the El Jebel Plaza, the primary commercial property in the development.

The master plan focuses on creating a “campus” of connected public, semi-public, and commercial areas throughout the development. A hierarchy of spaces and materials was explored to create a defined boundary between pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The master plan makes aesthetic recommendations for architectural and site materials that will help define El Jebel as a separate, unique, and attractive destination in the valley.

These general guidelines were then distilled in to a site planning effort to improve the El Jebel Plaza. The existing irrigation ditch provides an attractive addition to the commercial frontage but limits access to the businesses. To achieve a more generous pedestrian corridor while not losing the water amenity, the proposed design covers the ditch along the majority of the building’s façade. The water is allowed to daylight at specific locations to create features such a splash play area and fountains.

Design Elements

· Interactive Water Features
· Dynamic Planting Dividers Between the Parking Areas and the Outdoor Seating Areas
· Commercial Signage
· Removal of Barriers to Simplify and Grow the Outdoor Spaces


· Conceptual Design
· SketchUp Modeling

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