Client: Private Residential
Location: Aspen, Colorado
General Contractor: CBC Aspen
Project Status: Scheduled for Completion 2017

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Located in the heart of Aspen’s West End Neighborhood amid modern historic architecture and public and civic institutions is the West Hallam III residence. Outdated architecture and a corner lot overcrowded by spruce trees led to a contemporary redesign of the family residence by Z Group Architects and Connect One Design. The unique conditions of the property created a complex setting with regards to city code and regulation compliance. The tree removal process and corner lot constraints inspired a modern design vocabulary that played upon the exchange between public and private and interior and exterior spaces. Cues from the cedar and steel modernist architecture inform the landscape elements as they unfold across a variety of dining, lounging and reflective spaces and experiences. Paving patterns and a subtle planting scheme create visual bars that pull from the architecture and drape over terraces and the landscape. Planters with integrated seating create opportunities for relaxation and pause in confined setbacks. These planters extend into a more gracious courtyard bosque that provides a semi-insular experience of the street-facing landscape. A cedar and steel fence completely encloses a private spa garden and provides a backdrop for lush planters and a resonant water wall. This spectrum of spaces creates a vibrant and engaging landscape that will be enjoyed by family, guests and passerby alike.

Design Elements

· Tree Bosque With Reflecting Water Feature
· Spa
· Integrated Planters and Seating
· Pervious Paving Slots
· Containers
· Dog Run
· Trash Enclosure


· Concept Design through Construction Administration

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