Client: Private
Location: Woody Creek, Colorado
Project Status: Completed 2019

Perched thirty feet above the Roaring Fork River in Woody Creek, Colorado, the Little Texas Residence is a testament to Connect One Design’s innovative approach to landscape. Initially unassuming, this 4,800 sqft home, designed by Studio B and 180 Degrees Design, boasts a striking facade of black Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood. Stepping inside, the space unfolds, guiding attention to a quasi-cantilevered deck framed by mature cottonwood trees and views to the melodious backdrop of the river.

The transformative landscape architecture gracefully balanced code requirements with aesthetic aspirations, resulting in rewilded riparian clearings around the house. By creatively repositioning a deep dry well and introducing a bi-directional retaining wall, Connect One departed from conventional geometric forms, embracing angled structures exemplified in the landscape steps. Crafted off-site from mild steel, these steps harmoniously complement the challenging terrain.

Distinctive features, such as a strategically integrated fire element and thoughtfully selected plantings, showcase Connect One Design’s commitment to merging functionality with artistry. Organic terraces with eroded edges, an observation landing, and moss-covered crusher fines surfaces enhance the riparian ambiance. Connect One’s meticulous attention to detail extends to custom elements like a foliage-inspired fence, a raised vegetable garden, and a pebble installation next to the spa echoing the property’s unique artistic spirit. The resulting landscape effortlessly harmonizes with the residence, offering an immersive experience that feels boundlessly connected to nature.

Design Elements

· Custom Metal and Wood Fence and Gates
· Fire Feature
· Spa
· Sculpture
· Custom Steps and Landings
· Bank Planting and Stabilization
· Pebble Sculpture
· Outdoor Kitchen


· Conceptual Design through Construction Administration

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