Client: Private For Residential
Location: Pitkin County, Colorado
Project Status: Scheduled for Completion 2016

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Located in the Castle Creek Valley, this residential remodel was due for an accompanying landscape remodel to bring the existing manicured lawn up to a contemporary and functional space for the clients to use. We were hired to work with Zone 4 Architects, who would be responsible for the remodel as well as an addition for a garage, master bedroom and gym/studio. Our role was to redesign the auto court and backyard in order to accommodate the new addition and help with transitioning grades posed by the new architecture. Our solution to the grading was a fanned wall design that created a series of splayed vegetated terraces that also act as seating elements. We also incorporated a new focal feature swimming pool and spa, with the spa on the cliff edge overlooking the Castle Creek Valley.

Design Elements

· WatCliff Edge Custom Hot Tub
· Swimming Pool
· Vegetated Roof
· Curved & Tiered Retaining Wall Feature


· Concept Design through Construction Administration

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