Some may call Katie spicy but it’s only because she’s from the great state of Louisiana. The better nickname would be ‘the Olmstead of her generation’ bestowed on her recently by a local architect. Fascinated by the malleability and evolution of living systems in human scale applications, Katie takes this nickname very seriously. Actually an LSU Tiger (and not a ragin’ Cajun) she is inspired by the articulation of space between architecture and the surrounding environment. Her varied science background includes a BS in animal science and an MLA from the illustrious Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture.

Thankfully, she didn’t want to spend time so close to the animals so after shedding the warm climate and donning a winter coat, Katie made her way to the mountains to continue her professional practice and pursue her goal of designing complex and unique spaces that are ecologically dynamic, as well as socially connective… a true melding of art, science, nature and the human element. She’s kept plenty of her spicy side though, and it shows up in the passion she exudes every day as she builds on years of experience in a broad range of projects from the detailed design of small streetscape spaces and residences to broad-level design of public parks, hotels, and master plans.