Basalt Center Circle

Client: Basalt Center Circle, LLC
Location: Basalt, Colorado
Project Status: Awaiting Final Approvals

Basalt Center Circle is a renovation of a nearly 30,000-square-foot commercial building and the surrounding shared parking lot. The proposed new 3-story structure replaces the existing building, which has been largely unoccupied for more than 4 years, with a 9,000sf food hall/grocery/liquor store hybrid and ‘tuck-under’ parking on the street level and 70 long-term rental apartments on the upper two levels. Connect One Design was retained by the developer to reimagine and activate the outdoor space, including the shared parking area managed by the HOA. Careful consideration was given to pedestrian circulation, including permeability from Two Rivers Road through to Midland Avenue, as well as more clearly marked circulation throughout the entirety of the site. Connect One worked with the other property owners on and off site to bring consensus to the parking design. This process created 14 new parking places, a new green space, bike storage, and space for e-bike and electric vehicle charging. An ADA accessible ramp and path is proposed from Two Rivers Road sidewalk directly to the entrance of the new commercial amenity. A large public patio in front of the grocery store will provide for gathering with friends and neighbors. The design of the building and patio reflects the historic past of Basalt, with a nod to the railroad wye that previously ran through the site and helped create the Town of Basalt.

Design Elements

· Pedestrian Access
· Parking
· ADA Paths
· Civic Plaza


· Conceptual Design

Website Links

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· Article: “Basalt Council Votes to Fill the ‘Black Hole’ Downtown”